what is rat.house?

rat.house is a project by tech journalist morgan sung and her friends, alison foreman, rebecca roland, and sarah vasile. rat.house is primarily an exploration of social platforms and how they shape our real world culture, from dissecting the creator economy to unpacking chronically online discourse.

sometimes morgan’s writer friends will drop in with a tangentially related take about the niche discourse in their own beats: film, tv, food, music, and sports. sometimes fashion. it’s nice to shake things up every now and then. we’re all very queer and very online and have very particular special interests. we write for the most annoying person you know.

paid subscribers will receive weeklyish essays from morgan that cover digital culture reckonings, online hot girl activities, and dives into the furthest reaches of internet communities. they will also get access to morgan’s friends’ fun and funky commentary about cultural tidbits, as well as the right to DM morgan. a reply guy’s dream!! free subscribers will receive rat tuesday posts, some rat chats, and any essays that the rat.house team feels like sharing.

you can find more of morgan’s work on her website. you might see her on tiktok as ratsoverflowers.

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why rats?

they’re fun! they’re misunderstood! they’re finally getting the pop culture moment they deserve. and morgan and her friends were all born in the year of the rat.

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morgan sung & her friends write about the internet. welcome, ratlings.


writing about the internet everywhere, but especially on rat.house 🐀 previously at techcrunch, nbc news, and mashable
journalist. bassist. the most eligible bachelor in los angeles. 🐀
LA based writer, editor, photographer, etc. sometimes on rat.house, writing and editing at eater 🐀
bimbo film bro at indiewire. previously av club, mashable, cbs, cnn, stacy's mom 🐀